Achieving Higher Level of Thinking: Decluttering Areas in Life

People who are under a lot of stress frequently accumulate clutter as a way to relieve tension, thereby affecting every part of their lives. Unfortunately, having too much stuff going on can wear you down and trigger negative thoughts and stress, leading to chronic diseases, and causing havoc in your everyday life. Combating it might appear impossible if you are unsure of where or how to begin.

Declutter Your Life

Reevaluate your routine

According to research, most Americans lack an established fitness regimen and work schedule. As a result, people approach their commitments, tasks, and responsibilities half-heartedly. This results in more chaos in life and decreases productivity at work.

To help address this, consider accomplishing each task by batch. Take cleaning, for example; rather than dusting off and mopping the floor every minute, why not set a time to do it? It can be twice a week or every morning before you take a shower. Not only can it save you time and effort, but it will also give you a more structured schedule in planning out your daily or weekly tasks to provide you with more time to tend to your other engagements.

Do you need to take your daughter to the dentist? Maybe it’s time to hit the mall with your friends and unwind in that newly opened restaurant. What about hitting your local hair salon for that new hairstyle you want to try for your sister’s wedding? Having a schedule can help you find time for each of these necessary routines, make you feel calmer and more organized, and even help you stay healthy.

Reevaluate your commitment

Often, we are overburdened with all the responsibilities that we have. It may be personal, professional, religious, or civic. If you find that it is getting a little too overwhelming, take a step back and breathe. Although it can be intimidating, having everything written down can be an eye-opener. Examine and decide whether each task truly offers you happiness and meaning. Then, assess if it is worth the effort you are putting into it.

Another strategy for reducing your obligations is to zero in on a handful of things you genuinely enjoy and cancel the others, especially those that give you constant worries and stress. Finally, teach yourself to say “no.” Free yourself from everything that doesn’t serve you, and you’ll find that you can accomplish more that are meaningful to you.

It is also true for the people we surround ourselves with. As we get older, we slowly realize that people indeed come and go in life, but those we value the most and value us in return will stay. So, it is vital to surround ourselves with people who support us, bring us genuine happiness, and avoid those who are only there to add to our stress.

messy work station

Declutter Your Workplace

Weed out your desk

Look at your work table right now and mentally sort the stuff you need and don’t need. Throw out those you don’t need and set aside those that may be valuable to you later on. Sift through every clutter. Then, try to sort out what’s left. If you have big piles of books or paperwork, consider arranging them by color, importance, or alphabetically.

Don’t forget to wipe your desk and decorate it how you want to, to give it more character.

Clear the junk off your computer

Consider uninstalling unused apps, deleting unnecessary files on your download folder, and clear out your trash bin afterward. Too many files will only slow down your system and may even halt your productivity at work. You can also clear the icons on the screen and sort them into organized folders for easy access. While you’re at it, don’t forget to back up important files just in case something happens.

Declutter Your Home

Tidy up your room

Our days start and end in our bedrooms. Thus, simplifying it will make a huge difference, especially in beginning your day. Clear any clutter that you may find on the floor and then proceed with the other portions of the room. You may also choose to donate or sell your personal items and pieces of clothing that you don’t need or use anymore.

Once your bed, drawers, and closet have been cleared, move on to other parts of the house, such as surface counters, shelves, and sofa. Sweep away the distractions and stress that come with them.

Reducing your stress and increasing your happiness may be accomplished by consistently adhering to following your decluttering regimen. Set a goal and work on it. Start with clearing up the cup of coffee in front of you, and slowly move on to other parts of your life for a more decluttered and stress-free living.

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