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How to Create a Routine for Your Aging Parents

There are many times in life when we, as children, realize that our parents are becoming less capable of taking care of themselves. Perhaps they can’t cook like they used to; perhaps they become confused on how to complete the smallest task, or perhaps they just need more time for themselves.

No matter what the circumstance is, it’s important to create a routine for your aging parents that will allow them to maintain an independent lifestyle without compromising their health and happiness.

Create a Schedule for Them

Creating a schedule will allow them to live their lives normally, even if they have difficulty completing certain tasks. Write out the schedule in a daily planner and hang it on the refrigerator, along with all pertinent phone numbers.

For example, you could plan out every hour of the day from when they wake up until they go to bed. This includes when they get dressed, what time breakfast is served, what time lunch will be served (and where), and when dinner will be served (and where).

Furthermore, if they’re going to take a shower at any point during the day, make sure that’s on there! You could also include TV times or other activities that are important for your aging parents to do every day.

Create a Routine for Getting Out of Bed

Many people have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning when they’re elderly, but it will become much easier by creating a routine.

For example, you could place their glasses right next to their bedside or set out an outfit for them ahead of time so that all they would need to do is get up and change.

Furthermore, you could buy your aging parents an easy-to-use alarm clock with large numbers so that they can actually see what time it is without having to fumble around with the buttons.

And lastly, you should also create routines for waking up throughout the day because this can also be difficult if your aging parents don’t hear easily. You could start by getting them a bedside alarm clock for this purpose and buying an automatic coffee maker.

Get Them to Cook More (Or Assist in the Cooking)

seniors cooking

If your aging parents don’t like to cook, or they can no longer do so, consider creating a different routine where you can help out.

For example, one idea is to allow your aging parents to pick out what meal they would like you to make for them or choose it together if they want!

If this isn’t feasible, another option is to give them frozen meals already prepared that just need microwaving. This way, you know that their food won’t go bad and there’s very little preparation involved.

Furthermore, not only will cooking benefit their health and happiness but it will also give them a chance to socialize with you, which is always nice!

Provide Assistance with Grocery Shopping and Errands

If your aging parents can’t drive, you’ll need to make sure that they don’t run out of necessities like paper towels and toothpaste.

For example, you could plan errands for them with people who live nearby so that they know what time it is and can meet up with them as necessary (or vice versa).

Furthermore, grocery shopping should be done as often as possible because then your aging parents won’t have to think about cooking — instead, there’s nothing left for them to do but serve the meal!

Take Care of Their Medical Needs

It’s imperative that you always take your aging parents. You should also keep track of all of these activities in their daily planner so that they have a record of when they need to see the doctor again.

Hire a home health aide to take care of them when you can’t be there for them so that they always have someone watching out for their health.

Everyone has difficulty with certain tasks as they age, but with a little assistance, your aging parents’ routines can stay on track while maintaining their independence!

Give Them More Attention

Lastly, don’t forget about your aging parents! You are their main form of support at home, so make sure they know that you care. Schedule time for them anytime you can, and if it’s not possible to see them right away, focus on phone conversations or quick chats where they only need to think about talking.

With a little of time and effort, you can create routines for your aging parents that will ensure their happiness. It’s important to take care of them as they age because this is the only way they’ll know how much you love them!

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