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The Importance of Showing Compassion at Work

Showing compassion at the workplace allows a person to understand the feelings of a colleague. It also allows the person to help others, which is important when the world is dealing with a health crisis.

Being compassionate for other people can be overlooked when the workplace is fast-paced, such as a Singaporean company. But the pandemic highlighted the importance of caring for others and helping them get through the crisis. Showing empathy and care can help people overcome the anxiety they feel at this time.

This is particularly true when supervisors show compassion for the people under them. Being compassionate is a core competency that good leaders should have to promote productivity and become well-regarded in the team.

Compassion in a Company

Companies that incorporate compassion into their culture have more satisfied employees who do not feel stress while working. The employees also work as a team and exhibit loyalty to the company. Additionally, these employees are engaged and help each other achieve their goals in the company.

Compassion also encourages healthy relationships within the company. It also increases dedication among the workers who will recognize and appreciate the efforts of their colleagues. They will work towards having a positive impact on the company. The employees also avoid disputes with their colleagues since they do not want to affect their work.

Benefits of Compassion at the Workplace

When people show compassion when dealing with each other in the workplace, it benefits everyone. It also promotes communication, which enhances the way the organization works. Supervisors and managers who are compassionate can look forward to several benefits in the workplace.

Less Employee Stress

Compassion promotes active communication within the workplace. In this situation, the employees can express any professional concerns that they have in the workplace. Both employees and supervisors work together to resolve any issues they have at work.

This reduces the stress they feel while working and increases their productivity. When the supervisors are compassionate, the employees can open up to them and help them manage their anxieties. It also allows them to avoid burnout, which is likely to happen in a competitive Singaporean workplace.

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Healthier Employees

Connecting with colleagues at work allows people to have normal blood pressure and a steady heart rate. This is possible when the workplace focuses on working with each other and understanding everyone else’s feelings.

With normal blood pressure and a steady heart rate, the immune system is also stronger. This is essential at this time when the pandemic is still affecting different countries around the world. It also means that the employees are healthier and their work-life balance is better. This allows employees to enjoy their lives outside of work.

Employee Retention

Employees appreciate it if their supervisors exhibit compassion for them and understand what they are going through at work. This is particularly true among customer-facing employees who are among the first to deal with customer complaints.

When a supervisor understands their situation and helps them deal with it, they will likely want to stay with the company. They will also put in the work to help the company to grow and expand. They will also be motivated to do their best at work, especially if they feel valued by their supervisors and the company.

In this situation, a company can encourage employees under a traineeship program to stay after the program ends. When the supervisors show compassion to the employees, the trainees will aim to work for the company. People tend to gravitate to workplaces where they see everyone is treated well by the supervisors and managers of the company.

Better Relationships

Being compassionate means listening to what another person has to say. They may even exhibit empathy or will put themselves in the shoes of other people. Supervisors and managers who are compassionate will have employees who will reciprocate the kindness and understanding.

These employees tend to stay committed to their work and aim to become productive. They also strive to reach the organization’s targets since they see that their superiors are looking after them. The situation also promotes a healthy relationship between management and the employees. It also encourages the employees to become generous and help each other complete the assigned tasks.

When employees feel valued by the company, they feel better about themselves and perform well at work. They will also show the same compassion to their colleagues, translating to better productivity within the workplace.

Being compassionate to colleagues has many benefits for any company in Singapore since it lifts everyone’s spirits and reduces the anxiety that people feel due to the health crisis.

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