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Bored at Home? Don’t Dare Change Your Hair

The past year gave everyone the rare opportunity to experiment with their hair. When everybody was self-isolation and fully working from home, it was encouraged to stay inside and only go out when needed. Everybody was brave enough to sport daring hairstyles like a mullet or a buzz cut. It was the perfect time to play with your hair without the risk of being made fun of if it turned out bad.

These DIY projects don’t always end well, though. You’ve probably binged enough Brad Mondo reaction videos to know that (or maybe even experienced it yourself).

Now that that period is passing us let’s review the common disasters of at-home hair makeovers.

Cutting with the Wrong Scissors

Don’t be one of those people who cut their bangs at 3 AM with kitchen scissors. Just because it cuts doesn’t mean it can get the job done (properly, at least).

You probably noticed how stylists carry more than one type of scissors. Like the various combs and heating tools they also have, these scissors serve different functions in cutting hair. Some are for thinning, styling, and precise cuts. Unless you know how to cut your hair and have the right tools with you, don’t risk it. Yes, hair grows, but you might get annoyed that you did this to yourself.

Cutting Your Hair the Wrong Way

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Hairdressers are formally trained to cut your hair. They know how to deal with hair of different textures, colors, and lengths. They know the secrets of the trade.

With cutting hair, you won’t just need the right tools. You’re going to need the skills too. Cutting techniques don’t just help achieve the right haircut; they’re good for the tips, too. You could be giving yourself split ends by doing it on your own.

Killing Your Hair with Bleach

If it weren’t for bleach, no one could achieve their desired hair colors to the T. Nowadays, you see people going for bold colors like green, blue, and purple. They couldn’t have done it without bleach.

What bleach does is penetrating the hair’s cortex and interacts with the pigment molecules, eliminating them and leaving you with light hair. This, in turn, leaves your hair light enough to achieve the color you want—kind of like a blank canvas.

Just because you watched a couple of videos on bleaching hair doesn’t mean mistakes can’t happen. If bleach is prepared and applied under the wrong conditions, it can damage your hair more than it should. Bleaching your hair can make it dry and brittle, maybe even fall out. Bleach is very potent and can be harmful not just to your hair but to your skin, too. It’s best to leave that to the experts.

Getting Chemical Burns

Speaking of bleach, let’s talk about bleach burns. Bleach burns are considered chemical burns since they are composed of chemicals. Getting them is a possibility often overlooked when dying hair at home. This is why professionals wear gloves. Hair bleach contains chemicals that may cause redness, blistering, swelling, and irritation to the skin.

Even if you are wearing bleach, your scalp is still exposed to it. If you insist on doing it on your own, be sure to consult with a professional first.

Using No Proper Aftercare

Aftercare is so important, especially after bleaching or dying the hair. Before the deed is done, sometimes the aftercare isn’t given much thought. Achieving the result you want is the only process you care to plan.

After putting your hair through that traumatic process, it’s going to need some TLC. It’s important to re-hydrate it so that the hair doesn’t end up looking frizzy or breaking off. Applying hair oils and hair masks regularly can help with that. If the bleaching and dying are done by a hairstylist, you can ask for professional aftercare advice.

Sometimes when people want to achieve a certain look, they don’t mind how they get it just as long as they do. But for something as important as your hair, you should think twice about skimping on the correct techniques. It should be given the attention and care it deserves. Hair DIY can be fun until it’s too late and you cannot undo your actions.

Exploring looks with your crowning glory should always be a safe and enjoyable process. Sometimes doing things on your own can go south. To get your money’s worth and preserve the health of your hair, get it professionally done. If all else fails, always go to your stylist. They know what to do.

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