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Cancelled Trips: What Can You Do When You Can’t Travel?

Traveling is a fun and exciting activity to do. It’s an opportunity to go on an adventure and admire the unique beauty of each place you visit. You also get to meet interesting people, learn about their cultures, and taste authentic cuisines that the place has to offer.

Many people dream of traveling to as many countries as possible during their lifetime. But as the world faces Covid-19, things have changed. The government instructed people to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. Most establishments closed down, including airports. Flights have been canceled. No one is sure as to when it will be safe to travel again.

As a traveler, it hard to fight the urge to go on a trip. It hurts when you have to cancel that flight you’ve been looking forward to for a long time. But social responsibility should come first during this difficult time. While you’re waiting for the right time to hop on a plane and visit a new place, take this opportunity to try new things.

1. Learn A New Language

When traveling to other countries, especially the non-English speaking ones, learning the local language can make your trip more convenient. It will be easier to converse with the locals and embrace the place’s culture. You don’t have to be fluent. But learning basic phrases and sentences, such as “hello,” “thank you,” and “good morning, afternoon, or evening” will be a huge help.

Make your time at home more productive by learning the language you’ve always wanted to learn. There are a variety of tools and apps available online to guide you. Watching tutorials or videos of people speaking the language can also improve your listening and speaking skills.

2. Play A Musical Instrument

If you’re not interested in language, consider learning how to play a new instrument. Knowing how to play a musical instrument may come in handy at your next gathering when it’s already safe. There’s also a comforting feeling when you’re playing your favorite songs on the piano, violin, or guitar. Impress your friends and family with a musical performance once you’ve mastered the instrument of your choice.

It’s now easy to find materials online that can teach you the basics of playing a specific instrument. If you want to learn to play the piano, there are apps you can download and YouTube videos you can watch for free. A piano instructor can also guide you in learning about the instrument, from your fingers’ correct positioning to reading music sheets.

3. Explore Your Own City

While experts still encourage people to stay at home, many establishments have reopened after months of lockdown. Restaurants are accepting customers again while following health safety measures. Since you can’t go across the border, take this chance to rediscover your own city. Remember the last time you explore your hometown and realize how much it chbig cityanged (or remained the same) over time.

Visit your local museums. You can also try different local restaurants (both old and new) and compare the best burger or the best steak. When living in the same place for a long time, you tend to ignore small things. Exploring your hometown as if it’s your first time makes you appreciate your place more.

4. Plan Your Trips Post-Pandemic

For someone who loves traveling and going on adventures, it’s hard not to think about your next trips. Despite the rollout of the vaccines, it’s still unclear when the pandemic will be over. As you wait for flights to resume, you can start planning your future adventures. Create a list of places you want to visit, food to try, and activities to experience.

Research about the places you want to visit, learn about their cultures, and save up. If you want to visit France, for example, start learning a few French words or phrases. Look for affordable accommodations and things you can do while you’re in the country. During your research, you might find interesting things that are not popular about the place.

5. Travel Virtually

Since the pandemic started, almost everything happens virtually, from business meetings to classes. Traveling is not an exemption. Due to travel restrictions, many tourist spots closed down. To recover from the losses caused by the lockdown and to adapt to the new norm, you can now visit famous tourist spots around the world without leaving your home.

Many museums, attractions, and tourist destinations are now offering virtual tours. It’s a safe way to “travel” with no human contact and doesn’t require careful planning. For example, you can visit the British Museum in London, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris virtually via Google Arts and Culture.

Travel has been part of many people’s lifestyle. It feels good to have the capability to explore different cities and countries, learn about other cultures, and try out dishes you can’t get in your hometown. But as the world continues to face a health crisis, it’s best to try other things without putting your health at risk. Use this time to recharge and prepare yourself for future adventures that await you after the pandemic.

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