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Back-to-School Outfit Ideas for Kids

There’s no better time of year to get your kid’s wardrobe back on track than in the fall. With school supplies, backpacks, and notebooks in hand, it can also be an excellent opportunity to update their look with new clothes and accessories. This article has rounded up some of your favorite outfits that will keep your kids looking sharp — whether they’re heading off to first grade or entering high school!

Space-theme Dress + Bright Shoes

This is one of those outfits that are just too cute to pass up. It’s great for girls who want to show off their style without being too flashy, and it also works well for boys who want something that can be worn more than once without looking the same. We recommend pairing this space-themed dress with some bright shoes to really stand out!

Furthermore, this outfit is great for kids who want to show off their personality in toddler care. Especially since school is a place for children to express themselves and be creative, this outfit is perfect for kids who are looking for a way to stand out without being too loud.

Colorblock Tee + Jeans + Colorful Sneakers

The colorblock shirt is a great way to add some excitement to your outfit, especially if you pair it with a simple pair of jeans and some colorful sneakers. This outfit works well for both boys and girls who like to be on the cutting edge of fashion trends, but you can also take this idea and make it your own by adding accessories or other pieces that are more reflective of your personal style.

This is a great outfit for your kids if they want to make a statement while also staying casual and comfortable. Your child can pair the colorblock shirt with just about any type of pants or shorts, so you have many options for what kind of shoes you want your kids to wear.

A Dark-hued Dress + White Sandals

girl child wearing a yellow dress paired with yellow sandals and sunglasses

White sandals are an excellent choice for summer, especially if your child wears a dark-hued dress. The white color of the shoes will provide relief from the sunlight, which can harm your kid’s feet. In fact, white is one of the colors that reflect sunlight. This will help keep them cool and comfortable all day long. If your child is required to wear school uniforms, white sandals are a good choice because they match most styles of uniform clothing.

Bucket Hat + Graphic Tee + Shorts

You kid will likely have a bucket hat they’ve been wearing this summer, but why not switch it up for school with a graphic shirt? A long-sleeved tee is a great way to show off their personality and stay cool. You’ll also want them to add shorts, as it’ll keep them comfortable no matter what time of year it gets. For a sporty look, throw on some sneakers, or if you want your kid to go the more casual route, try tying a belt around their waist.

Matching Leggings + Top

Matching leggings and tops are a classic go-to for your child’s back-to-school wardrobe, but there are so many ways to achieve this look. For example, you could choose a top that is a different color than the leggings or one that’s a different pattern. If you’d like to get creative with it, you can even pair a top made of one fabric with another fabric (like corduroy pants and an applique shirt).

You can also try coordinating two pieces at once—think of how fun it is when adults wear outfits in the same color family! If you want an outfit that matches perfectly but doesn’t feel too matchy-matchy, consider buying two pieces from the same line or brand and pairing them together instead.

Tie-dye + Denim

Tie-dye is a fun way to spice up a denim outfit. If you want to go the DIY route, tie-dye kits are easy to find at most craft stores and can be used on almost any type of material, including denim.

If you’re looking for a more instant solution, there are many options—from pre-made shirts to more basic options with solid colors or stripes. You can also try adding different accents in bolder shades like red or purple!

Closing Statement

The back-to-school season is one of the most exciting times of the year. For many kids, it’s a time to make new friends, learn new things and explore their interests in life. Don’t forget about their clothing options when preparing your kids for this exciting time!

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