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Activities You Can Do While Waiting to Get Hired

Applying for a new job is exhausting. You go through the same process over and over. But more often than not, the ending is bound to be the same: the interviewer tells you the company will contact you in a few weeks’ time. So, you wait. You attempt to figure out if the statement is said out of formality or in earnest. You try not to dwell on it too much and apply on your next prospect.

The frustration mostly comes from the waiting game—the moment you spend counting down the days, wanting to hear back from the job. It’s excruciating. It decreases your morale. You know what you are capable of contributing to the job, but there is no way you can do that if you are not hired yet.

You can spend your time wisely while waiting for a callback. And by spending it wisely, it means maximizing the use of your time. After all, you may not have enough liberty with your time when you start with your new job. It can be spent earning from temporary jobs. For instance, you can avail the paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers in Miami, Florida. You can pursue a passion project you’ve been delaying. You can even take week-long community lectures and workshops.

It pays to distract yourself with good things while waiting. Here are more things you can do while waiting to get hired:

Start being physically active.

Find the exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore to you. Some prefer the structured set-up of a gym when it comes to physical fitness while others prefer the freedom of participating in sports like tennis, swimming and running. When you incorporate a healthy routine into your life now, chances are, you will carry it until you get the job of your dreams. Everyone knows how exercising can help relieve stress. This will come in handy for those long days at work.

Be a volunteer to advocacy you support.

It’s time to fight for an issue outside of your Twitter account. If you are a strong supporter of animal rights, gender equality, or maybe even both, you can apply as a volunteer in their campaign activities. Imagine, you can spend your downtime by helping the animals in the local shelter. You can even lead a workshop on gender equality in the workplace. It’s all up to you! It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people outside of your circle.

Take a class.

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There must be something you’ve always wanted to learn. It can be an additional skill that will be helpful in your career and increase your value or it can be a passion you want to have formal training in. Whichever it is, take this downtime as an opportunity to be better at something. This is most especially helpful for those who cannot stay still, those who need to keep their mind and body working.

Relax and breathe.

When you’re working, it’s rare to have the chance to slow down. Now is the perfect time to allow yourself to get proper sleep and be still. You deserve it after so many years of working non-stop. If you want to be 100% ready for your next job, you need to take this time to recharge.

Don’t look at this period with regret. Remember, it’s not wasted time. You can always spend it meaningfully.

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