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6 Myths Debunked: Finding the Truth About COVID-19

With swift vaccine rollouts worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic is controlled at some level. As the world moves forward, no one can deny that the pandemic is still very much present. Due to its presence, there are still myths that people believe about the pandemic.

These are myths that should be debunked. Otherwise, they may cause the spread of false news, which can be more harmful to you or your loved ones. If it’s about your family’s health and safety, the correct information is always essential.

Accurate information can only come from credible resources, such as approved medical research and courses like CNA training programs. This article will provide a list of myths about COVID-19. Unfortunately, these are myths that people still tend to believe.

1. Sun Exposure Protects You From COVID-19

Even when temperatures are as high as 25 degrees, sun exposure will not protect you from COVID-19. Regardless of heat and humidity, COVID-19 can still be transmitted. You have to take note that even countries with hot weather reported cases of COVID-19. The best way to avoid the virus is still to follow health standards or health protocols. Washing your hands, social distancing, and avoiding putting your hands on your face still work.

2. Taking a Hot Bath Can Prevent COVID-19

The principle is almost the same as exposing yourself to the heat of the sun. It does not affect whether you will get the coronavirus. When bathing, it is scientifically proven that your body stays at its normal temperature. This is regardless of water temperature. And if you make it even hotter and you do not have the tolerance, it will only burn your skin.

3. You Still Need to Wear a Mask When Exercising

Now that exercising and physical activities are permitted, everyone should take advantage of the eased restrictions. But it is suggested that you do not wear a mask while doing your workout or exercising.

The truth is that wearing a mask limits your ability to breathe freely. This is dangerous as you might suffer from suffocation. So while you are doing your exercise, it’s okay not to wear your mask.

Another reason is you sweat while you work out. And wearing a wet mask may cause skin irritation in your facial area. Wearing a wet mask also promotes the growth of harmful microorganisms, which may cause more harm. The best way to avoid COVID-19 is to work out in the comfort of your own home. If you need to do it outdoors or use the gym, just allow a safe distance from the next person. This should be at least six feet away to avoid COVID-19 transmission.

4. COVID-19 Spreads Through Water


COVID-19 does not swim or walk on water. That can be a humorous description, but it helps to know that in water or a swimming pool, you are safe from COVID-19. It is a different story if you are swimming with someone who has the virus as the transmission is still person-to-person. So the best way to go around it is to be six feet away from the next person. If you are not in the pool and are all dry, continue to wear a face mask. And don’t ever get tired of making sure your hands are clean with soap and water.

5. Cold Weather Kills the Virus

Winter is right around the corner, which means cold weather is ahead. While this is true, it is false that the cold weather brought by winter will dissolve the virus. If so, then we would have been advised by the doctors to lock ourselves in the freezer. But that is not the case. This could be the opposite of exposing yourself to the heat of the sun or taking a hot bath. But the result stays the same.

COVID-19 is transmitted through direct and indirect contact. Then it enters your body when you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. So self-protection, hygiene, and social distancing are still the key to avoiding the dreaded virus.

6. Ultraviolet Lamps Can Disinfect Anything

This was a new technology developed during the pandemic. Many have proven that we can disinfect materials just by exposing them to UV lamps. But the same effect does not happen to a person’s body. On the flip side, the light may irritate your skin and damage your eyesight. So never use UV lamps to disinfect parts of your body. Instead, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers and wash your hands with soap and water.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 is too deadly to be taken lightly. We cannot base prevention and cure on misleading information. Make sure to do your research from credible sources. Better yet, ask a doctor’s advice.

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