14 Wardrobe Essentials for 2021

Most fashion trends thrive for a season or two before the world moves on to the next big thing. Still, having critical statement pieces in your wardrobe lets you walk out the door looking like your best self every day.

Make sure you have these wardrobe essentials this year:


No summer is complete without your favorite swimwear or swimsuits. A variety of gorgeous one-piece swimsuits can make any photo visually appealing. You can also mix and match bikini tops and bottoms of all colors and patterns for a unique style.

Tank Tops

The classic tank top can be worn for many different reasons. It’s perfect to maintain a light solid base to keep your outfit casual any day of the week. You can even go for tank tops with an asymmetrical style to add a point of visual interest.

Black Leggings

black leggings

Nothing makes a better default item in your wardrobe than a pair of black leggings. This piece is so versatile you can use it when you work out, run a few errands, or decide to lounge around on your day off.

Wrap Dresses

You can never go wrong with a wrap dress, no matter your body shape and size. Its lightweight fabric, paired with the right accessories, gives off a relaxed, daytime chic look. It also serves as a tasteful base layer for oversized jackets in the colder seasons.

White Tees

Who said starting fresh could only be done when you write New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year? Add a white t-shirt to your closet and use it as a base for any outfit. Match it with any of your statement pieces and dress up as bold or as minimal as your heart desires.

Button-Up Shirts

Dress up effortlessly with the right button-up shirt. Available in a wide assortment of colors and prints, you’re guaranteed the right one that shows off your personality. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or skirt for a carefree, but also polished, look.

Jean Jackets

Layering a classic jean jacket over your timeless pieces never goes out of style. Choose from a light, medium, or dark wash and have it on hand every season. It goes well with neutrals, bold colors, and patterns, or even more denim.

Knitted Sweaters

knitted sweaters

Whether you’re staying at home or going out to town, the right knit sweater can easily be your go-to piece. Having one in a neutral tone with little to no patterns can be an easy addition to your outfit regardless of your style.


Exude professionalism and leave strong first impressions at the office with sleek black pumps. Get a pair with pointed ends to boost your confidence and look like a million bucks. They can even double as the perfect pair of shoes for meetings, conferences, and other formal events.

Ankle Boots

Looking for a cozier, yet equally as elegant, alternative to the black pumps? Ankle boots come in all shapes and sizes for all your fashion needs. Flat leather boots are best for a relaxing outdoor stroll. Meanwhile, suede pointed-toe boots complete your chic office look.


Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. Get yourself a pair of simple, minimal, and reliable flats that you can walk in all day. They look clean, comfortable, and easily rank as one of the best footwear options for the modern woman.



Without a doubt, sunglasses are trendy, classy, and stylish. Having a high-quality pair on hand can surely complete any outfit. With its wide range of styles, including contemporary, sophisticated, eccentric, and more, there’s bound to be a design that best showcases your personality.

Crossbody Bags

Stand out with a bold crossbody bag on top of darker items of clothing. For a more minimal approach, you can also add a subtle pop of color on your standard neutral or earthy color palette. Remember to grab one the next time you decide to wear streetwear.

Maxi Dress

A flattering maxi dress can literally be worn anywhere. Choose a colorful pattern and pair your dress with a handbag or sunglasses for a more casual look. On the flipside, stick to maxi dresses with satin, lace, or velvet for your evening events. They even look cute with a blazer on top during the cooler nights.

These essentials transcend the average fad and are always in season. Add your favorite tops, bottoms, and accessories to your wardrobe to create the perfect blend of trendy and timeless outfits. Look, feel, and be the best version of yourself all day, every day.

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