Why Natural Light Is Important for Your Health and How to Get More of It During the Pandemic

We shouldn’t need a reminder, but getting natural light every day is important for one’s health. Most people will spend 90% of their time indoors. Whether it’s working, taking care of the household, or just plain relaxing, indoors is where we’re at. But humans evolved outdoors. They planted crops, build infrastructures, and cared for animals. So, why are we so obsessed about spending our time indoors when getting sunlight should be our nature?

The problem is even exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Since most people are staying more indoors (in apartments and condominium buildings and single-family homes), they are spending less time with nature and getting less sunlight. Although spending too much time under the sun can increase the likelihood of skin cancer, there’s also a whole litany of negative health effects you’re exposed to when you are not getting enough natural light.

Vitamin D

Doctors are recommending people these days to take vitamin D supplements. More than promoting good health and strong bones, vitamin D also supports immunity and regulates cell growth. Those who tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, whether mild or severe, are given large doses of vitamin D to give their immune system a boost. Also called the sunshine vitamin, you can get vitamin D from being exposed to the sun although many supplements work, too.

Seasonal Depression

At a time of great uncertainty, it’s important to hold on to your mental strength. It’s not only during the pandemic that people feel anxious and depressed. More than 6% of the population experience seasonal affective disorder or also known as major depressive disorder with seasonal patterns. About 14% suffer from winter blues, a less debilitating condition but serious, nonetheless. During these times, it is important to get as much natural light as you can soak in. Sunlight gives your mood a boost.

But the pandemic, of course, hasn’t been nice to those who want to get natural light. Since people are cooping up inside their homes, they rarely got the chance to soak in the rays of the sun in the past year. Is there a way around this predicament?

Install More Windows


If you have the chance, put more windows in your home. Window repairs company can guide you on how to expand your existing windows or add new ones to your home. Make sure that the windows are facing the south if you like all the brightness to enter your home. This way, even if you do not have a balcony or yard to go to, you can still sit by the window and soak in the rays of the sun.

Put Mirrors on the Wall

You can help light bounce around the room by putting up more mirrors on the wall. Your room will be flooded with lights if the mirror will face the window where the light comes in. Choosing mirrors with metallic sheen will also boost the light that shines inside the room.

Remove the Drapes

Heavy drapes help you sleep better at night because it blocks all kinds of lights from outside. However, it also destroys your circadian rhythm. You should opt for blinds that you can pull up in the morning to let the sun in. While curtains are nice to look at, their elegance is nothing compared to the benefits you get from natural light.

Choose Light-colored Paint

White is the best choice if you want the room to be awashed in light. It’s a reflective color, but most homeowners don’t want bright white walls. You can choose something off-white. Pastel colors reflect plenty of sun rays, too. The lightest yellow paint can bring brightness to the room. Eggshell color is another option.

Avoid Dark-colored Furniture

Dark colors inside the house stop the light from bouncing. This means that the source stops right there. If you choose a dark-colored carpet, it will be the largest source of darkness in the room. Invest in light-colored carpets and furniture. Make sure that they will complement the brightness you want in the room. Light-colored furniture and appliances can also be mood boosters.

Your health is the most important right now. If natural light will boost your immunity and enable you to fight against the severe symptoms of COVID-19, then why shouldn’t you do all these things? The positive effects of natural light on your health outweighs the ton of effort you have to put into redesigning your home to attract as much sunlight as possible. If the past year is any indication, people need to start prioritizing their health more than anything.

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