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How to Keep Senior Safe this Winter

The physical changes associated with aging can make seniors extremely sensitive to cold. Unlike in the past, they may no longer enjoy the upcoming cold winter days. So how can you ensure that they stay comfortable throughout the cold season?

1. Keep your home warm

One way to keep elderly loved ones warm throughout the day is to make sure that your home heating system is working properly. Due to the significant decline of metabolic rate that allows the body to generate enough heat, elderly people become prone to hypothermia.

Is the furnace blowing up enough hot air? If not, dirt and dust could be blocking the airflow. Consider professional air duct cleaning to get it fixed.

The fireplace is another thing that you have to check. When the heat builds up on the surface, it can get sucked out of the holes and crevices such as your chimney. Installing a glass door in your fireplace can easily fix this, though.

It traps heat, making sure that they are not going anywhere. Thus, allowing equal heat distribution in your house. Further, it reduces potential hazards associated with firewood tumbling out of the fireplace. When the gas starts to gather around the surface, the logs start to sizzle and tumble off the row.

2. Insulate your home

If your heating system is partially doing the job, you cannot go wrong with home insulation.

Start by sealing any leaks in doors and windows with weatherproofing strips. It prevents hot air from escaping through them. If you have a radiator attached to the wall, you may use a thin foil. Putting the foil behind the radiator captures and returns the heat inside, keeping the entire room warm.

Curtains with thermal lining are another affordable option. They provide enough insulation by preventing hot air from coming through the windows. With the linings protecting the fabric from direct sunlight, curtains with thermal lining last longer. A great choice indeed.

3. Cover floorboards

Uninsulated floor accounts for 10% of heat loss, according to the National Energy Foundation (NEF). Insulating the floor may not necessarily make it warmer, but it retains the heat. Also, it makes your home fire-resistant. Experts say that the multiple layers of insulation serve as a barrier against fire and other flammable substances. That is just another reason to insulate your floor.

Fill the gaps in between the floorboards with fillers. Or Layer fiberboard and polyfoam board under the carpet. If you have an access hatch that allows you to crawl space underneath the floorboards, you may try underfloor insulation.

4. Keep the vent open

This idea may sound contrasting to what we are trying to accomplish. A vent is designed to purify the air by pulling out unpleasant odors, excess air, and smoke. But Mark Dawson, the COO of One Hour Heating and & Air Conditioning, says that the ventilation system is also intended to heat all the areas of the house, which means that even though it is closed, it will continue to push the hot air out. The worst part is it can lead to damage due to the pressure pushing up against the closed vent. So it’s a lot better to just keep the vent open even when nobody’s home.

5. Utilize smart home devices

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With technology getting more advanced, even appliances that include security controls, heating systems, and lighting can be automated. This is referred to as “smart home technology.” Through the use of a remote control or communication technology, heating your home is just one tap away.

It can be beneficial for your elderly loved ones. Smart devices can help them get around the house without any problem. For instance, a programmable thermostat can automate the temperature level. Equipped with a smart feature, it automatically adjusts to your schedule or routine. It raises the temperature when you’re home and lowers it when you’re out. Your senior loved one no longer has to sit on a cold sofa, waiting for several minutes for the heater to work.

6. Serve hot drinks

Nothing is better than serving hot drinks in a cold season to keep everyone warm. Here are some of the must-try hot beverages this winter; almond and maple hot chocolate, vanilla chai tea, and almond coconut milk. For healthier options, go for ginger tea, hot lemon water with honey, peppermint, and chamomile tea. With them as your companion, bonding with your family becomes more enjoyable.

The cold months can be considerably challenging for your senior loved ones, But by keeping your home warm, you can ensure that they are safe and comfortable throughout the winter.

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