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Don’t Put Off Addressing These House Issues

There is no perfect time for home repairs and maintenance. But sooner or later, you’re going to have to mow your lawn, clean the tub, or replace that faulty light bulb in the attic. The fact is, when it comes to house issues, they can be easy to dismiss and just think to yourself that they can wait. Although this may be true for some of them, it definitely isn’t for all.

To figure out which ones are which, here’s a list of the house issues you wouldn’t want to put off fixing—mainly because they tend to get worse over time.

House Exteriors

Problems with your roof or your sidings need to be addressed as soon as possible. Small cracks or missing shingles will leave other parts of your home susceptible to several worse issues. When your roof is compromised, for example, moisture from rain can seep through your home’s interior and cause stains on your ceilings and walls. This can affect the overall integrity of your home’s structure. Moisture also attracts fungi like mold that can be harmful to you and your family. Check your exterior regularly and address issues the moment you encounter them.


Speaking of the exterior, gutters are also important to maintain. Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to overflow into the foundation of the home. This may also cause the consequences mentioned above. Aside from that, clogged gutters add weight to your roof system and may damage it over time. According to Rocket Homes, cleaning out gutters twice a year should be enough to mitigate the risks.

home window


There are numerous reasons to fix broken windows immediately. For one, it’s a security risk. According to Protect Your Home, almost one in every four burglars uses windows to get inside homes. Broken windows will make it easier for burglars to break in. Broken windows also pose risks when there is rain or other weather condition. Aside from giving you more cleanup work, the moisture can end up damaging walls, furniture, flooring, and other fixtures, even if there is no rain. Heating and cooling costs could go up because of broken windows.

Once there is a break, fix it, or have professionals repair your window.


A clogged pipe is something you wouldn’t want to put off addressing. There’s only a certain amount of pressure the piping system can withstand, and clogged pipes push this to the limit. Once the system cannot take the pressure, leaks can happen in many places. Avoid this by doing some DIY tricks or by calling a professional. Don’t wait until the problem gets becomes more expensive and time-consuming to deal with.


Every year, 2900 house fires are caused by dirty dryers. These fires end up costing the country around $35 million in damages, according to the US Fire Administration.  This can easily be avoided by always making sure that your dryer is clean and free of lint and other materials.

Refrigerators also need regular cleaning. Aside from possibly posing a risk to the food you keep in them, the more you put off cleaning refrigerators, the higher the likelihood of their performance deteriorating over time. Save yourself from buying a new one and keep yours clean.

It may seem like a good idea to put off some house issues, but not these ones.

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